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Kitchen Disposal Maintenance Tips – What to Do, What NOT to Do

Kitchen Disposal Maintenance Tips

The kitchen garbage disposal is one of the most powerful machines in your kitchen. But when the kitchen disposal clogs, everything can stand still. To help you avoid unnecessary drama in your kitchen, consider these useful kitchen disposal maintenance tips. Good information whether you are a tenant or a homeowner.

Things not to do:

  • Do not grind up potato, banana peelings, banana peelings, egg shells and coffee grounds as this will clog the garbage disposal.
  • Do not use fingers to pull out clogged matter, use tongs or pliers instead.
  • Do not pour hot water into a clogged kitchen disposal- melted fats can worsen the clogging.
  • Do not use bleach or commercial drain cleaner to try cleaning your clogged unit.
  • Do not put ground glass in your disposal to clean it- the pieces of glass will not easily drain.Kitchen Disposal Maintenance Tips

Things to do

  • If your garbage disposal malfunctions suddenly, turn the power switch “OFF” before taking any action.
  • Get rid of bad smell by pouring warm water on your kitchen disposal as it grinds up pieces of cut-lemons.
  • Clean your kitchen garbage disposal by filling it with ice cubes and a cup of rock salt or vinegar ice cubes. Run it for few seconds.
  • Avoid clogging by flushing the disposal with plenty of water when it’s grinding up food waste and for 30 seconds afterward.
  • If fibers get wrapped around the disposal blades, try untangling them using the wretch that came with your unit. Simply turn the nut at the base of the garbage disposal, the press the small red reset button in the center and flip the switch to restart.
  • Hire a professional disposal cleaner to inspect your kitchen garbage disposal if you become concerned about its operation.

By implementing these simple things and take notice of our kitchen disposal maintenance tips you save yourself a headache by keeping your kitchen disposal sparkling clean and free from clogging. Remember to always practice safety when dealing with your garbage disposal and if you are unsure what the problem may be, call a professional.

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