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Natural Pest Control to Make Your Home Pest Free

Natural Pest Control Measures to Make Your Home Pest-Free

Read on to discover natural, non-toxic ways to control insect pests in your home without harming yourself and your environment.

There are several natural pest control measures that you can undertake to regulate insect pest infestation in your home. Some of these measures aim at creating a balance of organisms in your home and minimizing harm to children and pets in your home.

Basil keeps flies at bay

Flies are uncomfortable with the smell of basil. Placing pots of basil near doorways, kitchen tops and windows will keep off flies from coming to your home. You can also occasionally rub dried basil and put it in small muslin to keep the scent strong for flies. Another fly repellant to use is mint, cloves, and eucalyptus.

Citrus scares of spiders

Spiders hate citrus. To keep off spiders from invading your home, put a mixture of unsweetened lemon or lime juice with water in a spray bottle and use it to wipe countertops, doorways, and windowsills.

Citrus kills fleas

Fleas can get introduced to your home via your pet or visitor’s pet. You can control fleas using citrus and cedar shampoo. Pour a cup of boiling water of a sliced lemon to make a mixture of citrus oil. Allow this mixture to soak overnight and sponge on your dog to kill fleas instantly.Natural Pest Control - Real Property Management Platinum

Catnip repels cockroaches

Catnip is non-toxic to both humans and pets. Put catnip sachets in areas of cockroach activity such as kitchens and bathrooms. You can also simmer a small amount of catnip in water and spray the mixture around baseboards and behind counters.  Also, spraying cockroaches directly with soapy water will kill them.

Vinegar is a natural repellent of ants

Mix equal proportions of vinegar and water and use this solution to wipe down countertops and other kitchen surfaces. This way, you will be able to destroy the scent trail that ants follow to gain entry into your home. For better results, carry out this procedure several times a day.


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